Bathroom to wet room conversion in Standon, Hertfordshire

LH Gas were thrilled to recently carry out a stunning bathroom to wet room conversion in Standon, Hertfordshire.

The property in question was relatively modern. Our client hoped to update their existing bathroom and felt that conversion to a modern wet room would be of the most benefit to them and their family.

Our design team suggested various layouts, so our client could select the one that best suited their demands of the room.


The initial stage of the installation was the removal of the sanitary-ware, flooring and tiles. We strongly believe that to achieve the best foundation and structure for waterproofing a wet room, it is best to remove all the plasterboard and replace it with 18mm waterproof timber plywood.

Once we had completed this, the plumbing and waste pipes were moved into their new positions, including hot and cold feed and soil.

The room was then ‘tanked.’ This is where the whole room is made completely waterproof using a special BAL tanking kit. This kit consists of BAL acrylic primer that is used in preparation of walls and floor background prior to the application of any levelling compounds. Secondly, BAL polyester matting which is used to make any uneven areas level enough to work on when waterproofing. Thirdly, we use BAL tanking coating, an acrylic-based flexible coating that provides total waterproof protection of substrates prior to fixing wall and floor tiles. Finally, a BAL tape is used to bridge gaps and reinforce points of weakness. We build our wet rooms to last!

Once we had fully ‘tanked’ the room, the shower tray was installed, ensuring the correct angle of drainage. After this, the room was fully tiled in smooth, larger sized tiles that complimented the size of the room and sanitary-ware to be installed.

Finally, the sanitary-ware was installed including a wall hung basin drawer unit with luxury mixer tap. We added a wall hung hidden cistern WC, a shower with a two-way thermostatic shower valve along with a large overhead shower and a hand-held shower and hose.

The finishing touches were a towel rail and toilet roll holder from the Pura range and a bespoke glass shower screen built by Hertford Glass.

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