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Walk-in Showers

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The popularity of a walk in shower has grown significantly. This is driven by the desire for a wet room look, without the expense of tanking the floors and walls of the entire room.

Walk in shower enclosures are a beautiful contemporary design that maximises the space available. They are elegant and functional, they give a modern appeal and help efficiently use the space you have available. They are more suited to larger bathrooms, but if you have a smaller area and prefer showers, then the eye-catching shower enclosures are a great replacement for a bath and sit as a focal point in any modern installation.

To create a seamless transition between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom, transparent glass panels with a partial opening called an “open screen system” along with a shallow or under floor shower tray are installed. Having a shower enclosure like this gives the impression of light and space.

The visible trays that can be installed are made from ceramic tile. This is long lasting and durable, and can withstand the wear and tear, and the pressure of constant water, for years. Once this tray is installed, your shower should stay looking beautiful and new looking for a very long period.

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About Walk-in Showers

The shower enclosure area of the room is built from a waterproof plasterboard and specialised seal. It is then covered with a water-proof membrane and the area is tiled using a waterproof adhesive and grout. All corners and edges are sealed with silicon.

Walk in showers are definitely low-maintenance when it comes to cleaning. The older style shower enclosures have many areas that are hard to reach. The seals and runners can sometimes never be fully cleaned. Walk in shower enclosures are open, with no seals and runners, so all areas can 100% be reached and cleaned easily.

Walk in showers are practical room for the whole family. As they have a very low or underfloor shower tray, this reducing the risk of slipping, and all glass that is used is of high quality safety glass.

Benefits of walk-in showers:

  • Modern and stylish.
  • Give the impression of space.
  • Replace baths.
  • Family friendly.
  • Increase the value of the property.
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean.
Walk-in shower installation in Hertfordshire

If you would like to know more about any of our services, please call 01992 308216 or 07854 738986 or contact us here