Boiler installation in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

A recent client discovered LH Gas on the Worcester Bosch ‘Accredited Installer’ website, and contacted us. We visited them to discuss the requirements of the new heating system they were considering. After a detailed discussion we were able to supply them with an in-depth quotation for the required work.

Following our recommendation, the customer agreed to have the Worcester Bosch 32 CDI compact boiler installed. This boiler is capable of delivering 13.1 LPM at a 35-degree rise.

It is worth mentioning what this actually means. Most boiler companies calculate their flow rates at 30 degrees celsius. Worcester flow capabilities are calculated at 35 degrees celsius above the incoming water temperature.

This means that a Worcester 32cdi is capable of delivering 13.1 litres per minute of hot water at 35 degrees Celsius above incoming water temperature. Worth knowing, should you be considering purchasing a boiler.


The first stage of the installation was to remove the old boiler and unnecessary pipe-work. The new boiler was to be installed in the airing cupboard and a new gas pipe was fitted from the meter to the new boiler. We then installed all the required additional pipes and a vertical flue through the roof.

To prevent any future issues, we installed a Worcester Bosch filter. This was fitted to the return pipe underneath the boiler and collects any slug and debris within the system. We also supplied and installed a ‘Worcester Comfort 2’ plug-in thermostat which allows the client to set-up timer and temperature programmes.

The client had requested two double radiators in the garage room of their property. Using a specialist heat calculator, we decided on two 600mm x 600mm double radiators to provide adequate heat.

Finally, we carried out a chemical power flush on the heating system. This removed sludge and debris from the existing radiators and pipes and prevents damage to the new boiler and installations. We also introduced a chemical inhibitor to help protect against any future slug within the system.

Once all the required safety checks had been completed, it was time for the paperwork. The boiler installation was correctly registered with Gas Safe and the guarantee with Worcester Bosch. A job well done.

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