Boiler fitted in Ware, Hertfordshire
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Boiler installation in Ware, Hertfordshire

The installation of a new boiler is no job for an amateur! It involves several important stages to set up a good, efficient system that will run as smoothly as possible and comply with all the relevant safety regulations.

One of our regular and loyal customers contacted us for a new installation at one of their rental properties in Ware, Hertfordshire. We have carried out work at all their other rental properties, as well as their own homes, and enjoy a good working relationship.

A job like this always follows a set pattern. First, we carry out an inspection and quotation based on the most suitable boiler for the needs of the property, and once the quote has been accepted we start the installation.

Old boiler removed

In this case the old boiler and cylinder were removed first, along with old pipe work that was no longer required. The new boiler that had been advised for this install was a Worcester Bosch 32CDI Compact Combination boiler. This is capable of delivering over 13 litres of hot water per minute at a 35-degree rise (depending on the mains water inlet pressure.)

The boiler was installed in the loft space of the house and connected to the existing hot and cold and heating supplies, with additional pipework added where needed. A new condensate discharge pipe was installed to the nearest available drain point and a horizontal flue kit was used.

A Worcester Bosch central heating system filter was also installed on to the return pipe from the radiators. We sited this under the boiler and it looked very neat. The system filter collects any sludge and debris that remain in the radiators, prevents faults in the heat exchanger and stops the boiler clogging up.

Chemical power flush

A Worcester Bosch “Comfort 2” programmable room thermostat was installed to control the system, and a new gas pipe was run from the meter to the boiler.

Once the boiler was installed we carried out a chemical power flush on the system to remove remaining sludge and debris. This process can take up to three hours, depending on the amount of debris in the system. When the process is complete, an inhibitor protector chemical is added to the system to help prevent the future build-up of sludge and debris.

At this point we were ready to commission the boiler with all the legally required paperwork, along with a gas safety check. The boiler is also registered with Gas Safe and a certificate is issued. The guarantee is registered with Worcester Bosch, an extended guarantee is added and a further certificate is issued.

Preventing limescale

We also installed what is known as a Monarch Scaleout. This unit, underneath the boiler, prevents the build up of limescale from hard water. Limescale can be the cause of lots of costly faults on home appliances and plumbing and heating systems. It can also be the cause of increased energy bills so having this installation can be very beneficial, preventing new scale from forming, improving the texture of the water and reducing repair costs.

Our client was very pleased with the installation and the property is now ready for the new tenants.

Worcester Bosch combination boiler
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Boiler installation in Roydon, Essex

This is how LH Gas Ltd came to the rescue of an existing client whose boiler stopped working just before it was due for its routine annual service.


When we got to the house we discovered that the gas valve had failed, so we used the ipad app “Parts Arena” to search for availability nationwide and try to source a new valve. This is a brilliant app as we can stay on site and advise the client on how quickly we can resolve their problem.


All new installation


In this case, unfortunately, the part had been discontinued because of the age of the boiler, so our client agreed that a completely new installation would be best. We recommended a Worcester Bosch 24i heat-only boiler, for two good reasons. Not only are Worcester Bosch one of the best makes on the market — they have won the WHICH? “Best Buy” award for the past 7 years — they also offer up to a 10-year guarantee.


As soon as our quotation was agreed we arrived the very next day to carry out the work. The new boiler was connected onto the existing gas, electrical and heating supplies. A new condensate discharge pipe was installed to the nearest available drain point, in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines and a horizontal flue kit was added.


Cleaning the system


A Worcester Bosch central heating system filter was also installed on to the return pipe from the radiators and positioned above the boiler. This helps prevent the boiler’s heat exchanger from clogging up with sludge and debris from inside the radiators. This also adds an extra one year guarantee on the boiler.


LH Gas then carried out a chemical power flush that uses a machine to jet chemicals around the heating system to remove as much sludge and debris as possible from the radiators and pipe work. An inhibitor protector chemical is added to the system to help prevent future sludge build up.


The boiler was then commissioned and all legally required paperwork completed. This included registering with “Gas Safe” as compliant with Part L Building Regulations. We also registered the boiler with Worcester so that our client received their extended guarantees.