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Replacement radiator installation in Hertfordshire

Have you ever looked at the radiators in your house and wished you could change them?

Radiator design has come a long way over the years, from heavy old iron monsters to sleek and slimline modern panel designs you hardly notice.

But what if you want a classic design with a modern touch?

LH Gas has just installed new radiators for a client who wanted exactly that. The customer had previously employed us to install a new heating system and bathroom, so he came back to us for some advice.

A classic look

The house was a beautiful courtyard property in a small Hertfordshire village in classic “cottage” style with a solid wood floor and barn style doors, but with very modern decor. Our client wanted a classic radiator design that would compliment the age and style of the house but also match the décor.

We supplied our customer with The Radiator Company book that offers a wide range of styles, but we recommended “Ancona” as the design most likely to meet his requirements. These are classic steel column radiators in traditional style and also the UK’s highest output multi-column radiators.

They come in various heights, widths, column configurations and colours, either wall-mounted or floor standing, with cast iron or welded feet. Special finishes can also be added to compliment your interiors, including specialist valves and pipe covers.

Special valves added

After discussing all the options with our client, he opted for cream-coloured wall-mounted radiators with colour coded base and top brackets attaching to the wall. Decorative thermostatic radiator valves were also installed, in a style that would fit a more traditional house and give the column radiators a classic feel.

All the radiators and fittings came from our local supplier, WHABS, and once all items were in stock the installation took just two days to complete. The property was left with a great finish that we are proud of.

Feedback from our client was very positive. He was sure that he made the correct choice of radiators and is very pleased he took the advice of the LH Gas team!

Boiler fitted in Ware, Hertfordshire
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Boiler installation in Ware, Hertfordshire

The installation of a new boiler is no job for an amateur! It involves several important stages to set up a good, efficient system that will run as smoothly as possible and comply with all the relevant safety regulations.

One of our regular and loyal customers contacted us for a new installation at one of their rental properties in Ware, Hertfordshire. We have carried out work at all their other rental properties, as well as their own homes, and enjoy a good working relationship.

A job like this always follows a set pattern. First, we carry out an inspection and quotation based on the most suitable boiler for the needs of the property, and once the quote has been accepted we start the installation.

Old boiler removed

In this case the old boiler and cylinder were removed first, along with old pipe work that was no longer required. The new boiler that had been advised for this install was a Worcester Bosch 32CDI Compact Combination boiler. This is capable of delivering over 13 litres of hot water per minute at a 35-degree rise (depending on the mains water inlet pressure.)

The boiler was installed in the loft space of the house and connected to the existing hot and cold and heating supplies, with additional pipework added where needed. A new condensate discharge pipe was installed to the nearest available drain point and a horizontal flue kit was used.

A Worcester Bosch central heating system filter was also installed on to the return pipe from the radiators. We sited this under the boiler and it looked very neat. The system filter collects any sludge and debris that remain in the radiators, prevents faults in the heat exchanger and stops the boiler clogging up.

Chemical power flush

A Worcester Bosch “Comfort 2” programmable room thermostat was installed to control the system, and a new gas pipe was run from the meter to the boiler.

Once the boiler was installed we carried out a chemical power flush on the system to remove remaining sludge and debris. This process can take up to three hours, depending on the amount of debris in the system. When the process is complete, an inhibitor protector chemical is added to the system to help prevent the future build-up of sludge and debris.

At this point we were ready to commission the boiler with all the legally required paperwork, along with a gas safety check. The boiler is also registered with Gas Safe and a certificate is issued. The guarantee is registered with Worcester Bosch, an extended guarantee is added and a further certificate is issued.

Preventing limescale

We also installed what is known as a Monarch Scaleout. This unit, underneath the boiler, prevents the build up of limescale from hard water. Limescale can be the cause of lots of costly faults on home appliances and plumbing and heating systems. It can also be the cause of increased energy bills so having this installation can be very beneficial, preventing new scale from forming, improving the texture of the water and reducing repair costs.

Our client was very pleased with the installation and the property is now ready for the new tenants.

Internal mechanisms of boiler

Central heating and boiler repair in Ware, Hertfordshire

The team at LH Gas were contacted by a customer who had no hot water or central heating at their property, in Ware, Hertfordshire and required our services to resolve this situation.

After we obtained a brief description of the fault by telephone, we asked the customer to go through a short checklist. Sometimes a problem can be resolved without us even attending.

In this case, it soon became clear that we would need to visit the property. LH Gas aim to provide a same day service, and on this occasion, we did.

After removing the boiler case, the first checks were carried out on the main functional parts of the system such as the pump, fan and gas valve.

After these checks were completed it was clear to us that the pump has ceased working, and that the pump assembly section needed to be replaced. A further test on the water quality within the system revealed heavy sludge deposits present, so we recommended that a chemical power flush be carried out to remove these deposits.

A new pump was immediately ordered from our local suppliers and the repair was booked in for the very next day.

On our return, the first step was to remove the faulty pump assembly section and replace it with the new part. We then carried out a full inspection on the boiler, to make sure everything was running correctly.

The LH Gas team then carried out the chemical power flush. The system was flushed clean of all the old sludge and debris, and we inserted an inhibitor in the system to help prevent and protect from any future build-up of sludge and debris that can cause faults.

The customer contacted us that evening to thank us for such a quick service, and to let us know that their property was lovely and warm and the hot water working properly.


Two column radiator and tiled floor

Cloakroom renovation in Hertford

 Our customer wanted to change the style of their current hallway and downstairs cloakroom. Both rooms had wooden flooring and the customer wanted to change this to tiles for a more modern look.

We suggested our customers visit Pentagon Tiles in Harlow, a showroom that could help them see what was available and choose a style that they liked.  The tiles they chose were classic with modern twist; a mix of grey colours with multiple individual designs on spectate tiles.  We had to design a pattern for the layout of the installation.

Before any tiles could be laid, the old wooden flooring had to be removed, along with all the skirting boards. We then laid the new floor using plywood and specialist ‘Ditra’ movement matting.  For comfort and warmth, we also installed under-floor heating. We laid the tiles using ‘Bahl’ adhesive in the pattern chosen by the customer and the team at LH Gas Ltd.

The new skirting boards were then cut to size and installed ready for the decoration. The customer chose Farrow and Ball paint, which was also used on the woodwork giving a great finish.

The WC and basin vanity unit was reinstalled in the cloakroom and a white two-column radiator was installed to achieve a real feature effect. In the hallway, we installed a second two-column radiator that had been painted in the chosen “rail colour grey” specialist paint.

The radiators really complemented the new floor and certainly gave each room a luxury feel to them. This renovation really delivered, it gave the property a beautiful unique feel and had the wow factor.

Boiler installation Stevenage Hertfordshire

Boiler installation in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

A recent client discovered LH Gas on the Worcester Bosch ‘Accredited Installer’ website, and contacted us. We visited them to discuss the requirements of the new heating system they were considering. After a detailed discussion we were able to supply them with an in-depth quotation for the required work.

Following our recommendation, the customer agreed to have the Worcester Bosch 32 CDI compact boiler installed. This boiler is capable of delivering 13.1 LPM at a 35-degree rise.

It is worth mentioning what this actually means. Most boiler companies calculate their flow rates at 30 degrees celsius. Worcester flow capabilities are calculated at 35 degrees celsius above the incoming water temperature.

This means that a Worcester 32cdi is capable of delivering 13.1 litres per minute of hot water at 35 degrees Celsius above incoming water temperature. Worth knowing, should you be considering purchasing a boiler.


The first stage of the installation was to remove the old boiler and unnecessary pipe-work. The new boiler was to be installed in the airing cupboard and a new gas pipe was fitted from the meter to the new boiler. We then installed all the required additional pipes and a vertical flue through the roof.

To prevent any future issues, we installed a Worcester Bosch filter. This was fitted to the return pipe underneath the boiler and collects any slug and debris within the system. We also supplied and installed a ‘Worcester Comfort 2’ plug-in thermostat which allows the client to set-up timer and temperature programmes.

The client had requested two double radiators in the garage room of their property. Using a specialist heat calculator, we decided on two 600mm x 600mm double radiators to provide adequate heat.

Finally, we carried out a chemical power flush on the heating system. This removed sludge and debris from the existing radiators and pipes and prevents damage to the new boiler and installations. We also introduced a chemical inhibitor to help protect against any future slug within the system.

Once all the required safety checks had been completed, it was time for the paperwork. The boiler installation was correctly registered with Gas Safe and the guarantee with Worcester Bosch. A job well done.