Bathroom fitters in Hertfordshire

Bathroom fitting in Ware, Hertfordshire

This was another contract won by LH Gas thanks to a recommendation by a neighbour whose house we had previously worked on. The job here was a new bathroom and boiler installation at a property in Ware, Hertfordshire.

Although it was a rental property the client wanted a high standard bathroom that would be hard wearing and long lasting. As for the new boiler, we recommended a Worcester Bosch 25i combination boiler, capable of delivering over 10 litres of hot water a minute, at a 35 degree rise (depending on main water pressure and temperature.)

As always, we invited our customer to take full advantage of the discount we can offer on sanitaryware from our local suppliers, Ware Heating and Bathroom Centre. The clients chose their own tiles from a local shop and settled for large grey tiles with a decorative mosaic feature strip, along with dark grey floor tiles.

System filter and power flush

The new boiler was to be installed where the existing boiler was located and connected onto existing hot, cold and heating supplies, with the flue going horizontally through the wall. A Worcester Bosch system filter was also installed to help reduce sludge and debris build-up within the system.

A new Worcester Comfort 2 programmable room thermostat was also installed and a chemical power flush was carried out after the installation. An inhibitor was added to the system to prevent existing or new debris causing any damage. All commissioning paperwork was carried out and legally registered with Gas Safe and Worcester Bosch for the extended guarantees offered by LH Gas ltd.

To begin the bathroom installation the team removed all the old tile flooring, plasterboard and sanitaryware. Then new structures and foundations were installed to give the best finish to tile the walls and floors and install all the new sanitaryware.

Grey the colour of choice

The walls and floor were tiled using a specialist “Bahl” adhesive. Grey is becoming one of the most popular colour choices for bath and wetrooms and the tiles in this room were definitely a perfect fit with a modern feel that wouldn’t date.

Once all the tile work had been completed we could then carry out the second fix of the installation, in which all the sanitaryware is installed along with the finishing touches of a towel rail, mirror and glass shower screen.

Our customer was very pleased with the installation of both the new boiler and the new bathroom at their rental property and they have now asked the LH Gas team to quote for a similar job at their own home.

Boiler fitted in Ware, Hertfordshire
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Boiler installation in Ware, Hertfordshire

The installation of a new boiler is no job for an amateur! It involves several important stages to set up a good, efficient system that will run as smoothly as possible and comply with all the relevant safety regulations.

One of our regular and loyal customers contacted us for a new installation at one of their rental properties in Ware, Hertfordshire. We have carried out work at all their other rental properties, as well as their own homes, and enjoy a good working relationship.

A job like this always follows a set pattern. First, we carry out an inspection and quotation based on the most suitable boiler for the needs of the property, and once the quote has been accepted we start the installation.

Old boiler removed

In this case the old boiler and cylinder were removed first, along with old pipe work that was no longer required. The new boiler that had been advised for this install was a Worcester Bosch 32CDI Compact Combination boiler. This is capable of delivering over 13 litres of hot water per minute at a 35-degree rise (depending on the mains water inlet pressure.)

The boiler was installed in the loft space of the house and connected to the existing hot and cold and heating supplies, with additional pipework added where needed. A new condensate discharge pipe was installed to the nearest available drain point and a horizontal flue kit was used.

A Worcester Bosch central heating system filter was also installed on to the return pipe from the radiators. We sited this under the boiler and it looked very neat. The system filter collects any sludge and debris that remain in the radiators, prevents faults in the heat exchanger and stops the boiler clogging up.

Chemical power flush

A Worcester Bosch “Comfort 2” programmable room thermostat was installed to control the system, and a new gas pipe was run from the meter to the boiler.

Once the boiler was installed we carried out a chemical power flush on the system to remove remaining sludge and debris. This process can take up to three hours, depending on the amount of debris in the system. When the process is complete, an inhibitor protector chemical is added to the system to help prevent the future build-up of sludge and debris.

At this point we were ready to commission the boiler with all the legally required paperwork, along with a gas safety check. The boiler is also registered with Gas Safe and a certificate is issued. The guarantee is registered with Worcester Bosch, an extended guarantee is added and a further certificate is issued.

Preventing limescale

We also installed what is known as a Monarch Scaleout. This unit, underneath the boiler, prevents the build up of limescale from hard water. Limescale can be the cause of lots of costly faults on home appliances and plumbing and heating systems. It can also be the cause of increased energy bills so having this installation can be very beneficial, preventing new scale from forming, improving the texture of the water and reducing repair costs.

Our client was very pleased with the installation and the property is now ready for the new tenants.

Worcester Bosch combination boiler
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Boiler installation in Roydon, Essex

This is how LH Gas Ltd came to the rescue of an existing client whose boiler stopped working just before it was due for its routine annual service.


When we got to the house we discovered that the gas valve had failed, so we used the ipad app “Parts Arena” to search for availability nationwide and try to source a new valve. This is a brilliant app as we can stay on site and advise the client on how quickly we can resolve their problem.


All new installation


In this case, unfortunately, the part had been discontinued because of the age of the boiler, so our client agreed that a completely new installation would be best. We recommended a Worcester Bosch 24i heat-only boiler, for two good reasons. Not only are Worcester Bosch one of the best makes on the market — they have won the WHICH? “Best Buy” award for the past 7 years — they also offer up to a 10-year guarantee.


As soon as our quotation was agreed we arrived the very next day to carry out the work. The new boiler was connected onto the existing gas, electrical and heating supplies. A new condensate discharge pipe was installed to the nearest available drain point, in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines and a horizontal flue kit was added.


Cleaning the system


A Worcester Bosch central heating system filter was also installed on to the return pipe from the radiators and positioned above the boiler. This helps prevent the boiler’s heat exchanger from clogging up with sludge and debris from inside the radiators. This also adds an extra one year guarantee on the boiler.


LH Gas then carried out a chemical power flush that uses a machine to jet chemicals around the heating system to remove as much sludge and debris as possible from the radiators and pipe work. An inhibitor protector chemical is added to the system to help prevent future sludge build up.


The boiler was then commissioned and all legally required paperwork completed. This included registering with “Gas Safe” as compliant with Part L Building Regulations. We also registered the boiler with Worcester so that our client received their extended guarantees.

Sanitary ware and shower fitted in Hertford

Walk-in shower room fitted in Hertford

This was a renovation job for a new customer who contacted us to take advantage of our free quotation offer. LH Gas Ltd visited the property, discussed the requirements, supplied a quote and were pleased to be given the work

Our client’s plan was to modernize the existing ensuite, so we proposed two options: either to transform the whole space into a wet room, or to create a walk-in shower room. Our client decided that a walk-in shower room would be more practical.

The first stage was to remove all existing sanitary ware into a skip that LH Gas had hired from FROOMS. Then we removed all existing tiles and plasterboard.


All new walls


This is an important part of a renovation because we believe old plasterboard in a bathroom will always contain some damp and water damage. By installing new plasterboard or plywood we can guarantee a longer life bathroom/shower room as all the walls will be 100% water and moisture proof.

We used 18mm plywood in the dry areas and 12mm moisture proof plasterboard in the wet section. All intersections were then taped and joined.  The floor was laid using 6mm ply floor cover and a low profile shower tray was installed.


Tiling and decorating


Then we started on the tiling. In the shower area we used modern light coloured smooth large tiles, ground and siliconed in all corners around the shower tray, to fully waterproof the enclosed area.

The floor was laid in the same tiles and a tiled skirting board was installed, while the rest of the room was decorated using a specialist bathroom paint.

All sanitary ware was chosen from PURA, allowing our customer to use our extensive trade discount. Our client selected a two door vanity unit with basin, along with a PURA FLOVA mixer tap. A two door mirrored wall mounted cupboard was also chosen. As an extra touch, LH Gas used one of the large tiles to create a splash back for the basin area.


Smart new shower


A large overhead shower and a hand held shower and two way valve was installed in the shower area. The shower enclosure incorporated a rigid and robust doorframe in polished aluminium with a smooth sliding door to create a fashionable centrepiece for the room. Finally as a finishing touch we installed a modern ladder towel rail.

Our customers were so pleased we will soon be returning to their property to carry out another bathroom renovation!

Roll top bath fitted in Hampstead
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Bathroom and wet room installation in Hampstead, north London

This was how we transformed an empty space into a high end bespoke bathroom for the master bedroom of the property.

Our client lives in a courtyard mews house in leafy Hampstead, London.

He wanted to use the full services that LH Gas Ltd can offer, from design through construction and fitting to completion.

The area for conversion was an empty room containing a staircase from the floor below. Our design team, in consultation with the client, drew up the plans to move the staircase and install a master bathroom with a wet room area.

Converting the room

Our first task was to remove the staircase and build a joisted floor section in its place, giving us a solid floor foundation to work on.  Next came the fixing of the wall panels using KERDI boards, which are specifically designed for wet room installations. The panels come already waterproofed, which means they only require tanking work where they intersect.

When the panels were up, the pipe work and electrical points were installed to fit the design and layout plans and we began the installation. This included a free standing roll top bath with floor mounted FLOVA bath taps, wall mounted FLOVA bi-directional shower valve with overhead and handheld head, and a high quality ANCONA  column radiator from The Radiator Company. Then finally a bespoke glass screen supplied by HERTFORD GLASS.  The room was now ready to be tiled.

Finishing touches

Our client had taken the advice of the LH Gas design team and visited PENTAGON TILES, of Harlow, where they could take advantage of our full trade discount. They selected a stunning light grey textured tile for the room and attractive mosaic tiles for the wet room floor area. Once the tiles were installed, the room was ready for the final fixing and silicone sealing of all the sanitary-ware.

Wet room installation

While we were at this property we also carried out an additional wet room conversion in the original bathroom, which was too small and didn’t work well with the house.  Once again we used KERDI BOARDS to waterproof the room and our client decided to use the same tiles as those in the master bathroom conversion, to maintain a common design theme. The only subtle change was that they used the wall tiles on the floor as well, to give the room a smoother flowing look.

In the wet room area of this second bathroom we installed a LINEAR waste. This is the ideal solution for level access showering because the floor former can be installed on an existing concrete or timber floor.  LINEAR waste is also good for bigger wet room areas and showers with a large water output, incorporating a decorative metal grating or tile insert option for a discreet minimal appearance.

Happy clients!

Once we had completed both rooms for our client LH Gas Ltd were pleased to receive their positive feedback. They were delighted with their new rooms and said that the end result was even better than they had expected.

Boiler installation Stevenage Hertfordshire

Boiler installation in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

A recent client discovered LH Gas on the Worcester Bosch ‘Accredited Installer’ website, and contacted us. We visited them to discuss the requirements of the new heating system they were considering. After a detailed discussion we were able to supply them with an in-depth quotation for the required work.

Following our recommendation, the customer agreed to have the Worcester Bosch 32 CDI compact boiler installed. This boiler is capable of delivering 13.1 LPM at a 35-degree rise.

It is worth mentioning what this actually means. Most boiler companies calculate their flow rates at 30 degrees celsius. Worcester flow capabilities are calculated at 35 degrees celsius above the incoming water temperature.

This means that a Worcester 32cdi is capable of delivering 13.1 litres per minute of hot water at 35 degrees Celsius above incoming water temperature. Worth knowing, should you be considering purchasing a boiler.


The first stage of the installation was to remove the old boiler and unnecessary pipe-work. The new boiler was to be installed in the airing cupboard and a new gas pipe was fitted from the meter to the new boiler. We then installed all the required additional pipes and a vertical flue through the roof.

To prevent any future issues, we installed a Worcester Bosch filter. This was fitted to the return pipe underneath the boiler and collects any slug and debris within the system. We also supplied and installed a ‘Worcester Comfort 2’ plug-in thermostat which allows the client to set-up timer and temperature programmes.

The client had requested two double radiators in the garage room of their property. Using a specialist heat calculator, we decided on two 600mm x 600mm double radiators to provide adequate heat.

Finally, we carried out a chemical power flush on the heating system. This removed sludge and debris from the existing radiators and pipes and prevents damage to the new boiler and installations. We also introduced a chemical inhibitor to help protect against any future slug within the system.

Once all the required safety checks had been completed, it was time for the paperwork. The boiler installation was correctly registered with Gas Safe and the guarantee with Worcester Bosch. A job well done.

Ware bathroom installation

Bathroom installation in Ware, Hertfordshire

This installation was an exciting project for the LH Gas team, as the property was a listed building, situated in Ware, Hertfordshire.

The room under renovation was a disused bathroom. It was going to require a great deal of work to turn it from the shell it was, into the incredibly modern and stunning bathroom we envisaged.

Like most listed buildings, this property was of considerable age and most of the walls and floors were uneven. To complete the foundations, LH Gas had to rebuild three of the walls and the floor. As one wall still had timber cladding, this had to be completely stripped back and repainted. Once we had sanded it back to bare wood, it was then painted with a Farrow and Ball specialist bathroom paint.

Our client’s dream was that the bathroom would be both tranquil and luxurious. With this in mind, we suggested glass paneling on the lower parts of the walls.


 The complexity of this installation required time and care. Keeping the character of the room, without causing damage or removing key features was important. Once the foundations were complete, we started work on the glass paneling templates.

We regularly use Hertford Glass on our projects, and this renovation was no different. Every glass panel was bespoke and made using back-painted glass, the colour choice being from the Farrow and Ball colour-chart.

For the final finishing touches, we built a bespoke mirrored cabinet above the basin and the cabinetry around the boiler that was situated in the bathroom. We had installed under-floor heating and a modern towel rail to add to the warmth and comfort.

We are thrilled with the results of this complex installation and proud to say the clients are as pleased as we are.


Shower and towel radiator

Cheshunt Wetroom Installation

Wetroom installation in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

A recent renovation carried out by LH Gas was transforming a bathroom into a luxury, modern wetroom in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

We were approached by our customer as we had carried out work previously at their property and they were always very satisfied with the service provided.

Together with our clients, we agreed on a design for the room that suited with all our their requirements and needs. We gave our customers a great deal of advice on the sanitary ware, with some brochures and directing them to a local showroom to view the products in person. The final choice of sanitary ware was from the Flova range from PURA.


Once the bathroom had been designed and agreed, the installation began.

To transform the bathroom we had to take the room back to basics. This was achieved by removing all the old sanitary ware, tiles and plasterboard, thus leaving us with a blank canvas to work on.

Once completed and the initial stages of the plumbing installed, the bathroom was ready for tiling. After all the floor and walls were tiled the second stage of plumbing began with all the sanitary ware installed. When this had been completed the room really started to come together and look like the luxury wetroom promised to our clients.

The finishing touches of the room were achieved by having a bespoke glass shower screen from Hertford Glass fitted, and all luxury bathroom accessories from the Flova range installed. The room was then sealed using colour matching silicon on all edges and corners, giving one last waterproof seal to the room.

In our client’s words, the wetroom was “Beyond our expectations!” They were so pleased with the finished bathroom that they booked the LH Gas team into refurbishing their en-suite and ground floor cloakroom.