Vanity mirrors above wetroom sinks

Wetroom installation in Enfield, North London

People say that a new and well-appointed kitchen will help to “sell” a house. These days, a smart and stylish new bathroom/wetroom is just as likely to pull in the buyers. And even if you’re not selling, and just want a little bit of luxury in which to pamper yourself, what could be nicer than a clean and modern wetroom like this?

As with many of our installations, our client asked us to visit his home, based on the recommendations of a previous satisfied customer.
The room was a large ensuite, consisting of a jacuzzi style bath, shower cubicle, toilet and single basin, but it turned out that the whole family were using it, as the main bathroom was smaller and had a lower quality shower cubicle.

Stylish and sophisticated

But our client wanted something with more of a “grown up” feel to it, so we had no hesitation in recommending conversion to a wetroom – something that delivers on both style and practicality.

The existing shower was a small cubicle that simply wasn’t working properly, so the idea was to remove it and add a modern spacious wetroom tray that could be tiled over, with simply a vertical sheet of glass to stop water spreading too far.

Wetrooms usually feature wall hung sanitaryware to maximise the benefits of a fully tiled floor, so as well as a wall hung toilet with concealed frame kit we suggested adding the extra luxury and the grown-up twist that our client wanted, by including “his and hers” wall hung vanity basin units with LED illuminated mirrors.

Underfloor heating added

These mirrors add an extra wow factor to the room. They are wired directly into the lighting circuit and can work independently of the main ceiling lights via an infrared switch on the sides. They are a great addition to the room and create mood lighting for a more relaxing showering experience!
Our client also asked us to quote for the installation of “Warmup” electric underfloor heating — a fantastic addition to any bathroom or tiled area and especially so in a wetroom, as the floor area is greater than a standard room.
We sent our full quotation within 48 hours and our client very quickly came back to us to agree the price, with the addition of the electric underfloor heating. As usual, we offered full use of our accounts at local bathroom centre WHABS and tile centre Pentagon Tiles, where a full trade discount was made available to our client.

High-quality finish

As always with our installations, once we got started the client was amazed at the lengths the LH Gas team will go to, to achieve our reputation for a high-quality finish.
The installation took 11 days, transforming a very standard and tired-looking bathroom into a stunning, modern and high-quality wetroom.

I’m happy to say that the feedback we received a few days later was that the whole family loved using the new space that the LH Gas team had designed and installed.

Bathroom to wet room conversion in Royston

Bathroom to wet room conversion in Royston, Hertfordshire

Here are some pictures of another beautiful conversion of a bathroom to a wet room, designed and installed by LH Gas Ltd in Royston, Hertfordshire.

Our client lives in a stylish modern home and wanted a bespoke new wet room to match. The LH Gas design team offered a choice of several different layouts to get the best possible result.

Once the plans had been agreed, the first stage of the conversion was to remove all the old sanitary-ware, flooring and tiles and even the plasterboard and plywood walls. This is because LH Gas believe it is vital to create a new foundation and structure for the waterproof tanking of a wet room.

New 18mm ply walls were installed in the wet areas and moisture-proof plaster boarding in the non-wet areas.  Plywood flooring was laid, along with a DITRA movement mat, which allows for heat expansion and the natural movement of wood.


Tanking the room


Underfloor heating was also installed and the plumbing pipes were moved into new positions including the hot and cold water supply, waste and soil pipe for the WC. Then the room was the tanked. This process makes the whole area completely waterproof, using a specialist BAL tanking kit – one of the best and most reliable in the industry.

It is a flexible and seamless waterproof tanking system, using acrylic primer, polyester matting to level any uneven areas, an acrylic-based flexible coating for total waterproof protection before tiling, and finally BAL tape to bridge gaps and reinforce points of weakness.

Once the room was tanked the shower tray was installed, ensuring that the drainage was correctly channelled towards the waste pipe. The walls and floor were then ready to be tiled.


All new fittings


Our client chose large smooth tiles in dark grey with matching grout to complement the style of the new room.

After that, new sanitary-ware was installed, including a wall hung basin drawer unit with luxury mixer tap, a wall hung hidden cistern WC, a two-way thermostatic shower valve along with a large overhead shower and a hand-held shower and hose.

Finally the finishing touches — a towel rail and toilet roll holder from the Pura range and a bespoke glass shower screen supplied by Hertford Glass.

The end result was a room which fully met our client’s wish for a modern bespoke bathroom to wet room conversion.

Roll top bath fitted in Hampstead
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Bathroom and wet room installation in Hampstead, north London

This was how we transformed an empty space into a high end bespoke bathroom for the master bedroom of the property.

Our client lives in a courtyard mews house in leafy Hampstead, London.

He wanted to use the full services that LH Gas Ltd can offer, from design through construction and fitting to completion.

The area for conversion was an empty room containing a staircase from the floor below. Our design team, in consultation with the client, drew up the plans to move the staircase and install a master bathroom with a wet room area.

Converting the room

Our first task was to remove the staircase and build a joisted floor section in its place, giving us a solid floor foundation to work on.  Next came the fixing of the wall panels using KERDI boards, which are specifically designed for wet room installations. The panels come already waterproofed, which means they only require tanking work where they intersect.

When the panels were up, the pipe work and electrical points were installed to fit the design and layout plans and we began the installation. This included a free standing roll top bath with floor mounted FLOVA bath taps, wall mounted FLOVA bi-directional shower valve with overhead and handheld head, and a high quality ANCONA  column radiator from The Radiator Company. Then finally a bespoke glass screen supplied by HERTFORD GLASS.  The room was now ready to be tiled.

Finishing touches

Our client had taken the advice of the LH Gas design team and visited PENTAGON TILES, of Harlow, where they could take advantage of our full trade discount. They selected a stunning light grey textured tile for the room and attractive mosaic tiles for the wet room floor area. Once the tiles were installed, the room was ready for the final fixing and silicone sealing of all the sanitary-ware.

Wet room installation

While we were at this property we also carried out an additional wet room conversion in the original bathroom, which was too small and didn’t work well with the house.  Once again we used KERDI BOARDS to waterproof the room and our client decided to use the same tiles as those in the master bathroom conversion, to maintain a common design theme. The only subtle change was that they used the wall tiles on the floor as well, to give the room a smoother flowing look.

In the wet room area of this second bathroom we installed a LINEAR waste. This is the ideal solution for level access showering because the floor former can be installed on an existing concrete or timber floor.  LINEAR waste is also good for bigger wet room areas and showers with a large water output, incorporating a decorative metal grating or tile insert option for a discreet minimal appearance.

Happy clients!

Once we had completed both rooms for our client LH Gas Ltd were pleased to receive their positive feedback. They were delighted with their new rooms and said that the end result was even better than they had expected.

Shower in wet room

Bathroom to wet room conversion in Ware, Hertfordshire

We are always thrilled to be asked to work on a new project for a previous customer!

LH Gas had already carried out a bathroom renovation for the clients. Now they asked us to return to carry out a bathroom to wet room conversion on their other existing bathroom.

Theirs was an older house in Ware, Hertfordshire that carried it’s charm throughout, whilst the owners added their own modern style to the property. The owners wanted the style of this wet room to be very modern and high-end luxury.

The LH Gas team designed the interior, trying to achieve the best layout possible. The owners wanted a very spacious feel. With the customer in agreement with the design and layout, the work was able to start.


Like all our renovations, the installation started with the removal of all old existing sanitary ware and taking the room back to basics. In this case, the foundations for the room took longer than usual as the property was a very old building, with uneven walls and floors.

Using stud frame, all walls were built and then clad using 18mm ply-wood in wet areas, and 12mm moisture proof plasterboard in non-wet areas. The floor was clad using ply-wood and then a Mitra-Mat movement mat was installed, to allow heat expansion and natural movement in timber. Underfloor heating was also to be installed at a later stage of the project.

All plumbing pipes and fixtures were installed in place ready for the sanitary ware to be installed, after the tiling and decorating had been completed and a shower tray installed.

Wet room shower trays are also known as shower tray formers, and provide the necessary slope for drainage solution. These trays are covered with a final floor finish such as tiles or vinyl floor, enabling a continuity of design throughout the wet room area.

The tiles chosen for this room were perfect for the design. For the wet areas, a dark-coloured texture tile was chosen. The floor had a light smooth-finish tile complementing each other perfectly and giving the room a light and spacious feel. The other walls in the room were painted in a natural colour from the Farrow and Ball colour chart, using their bathroom paint. All wood-work was painted in white using the Farrow and Ball wood paint.

The sanitary ware was from PURA range. The WC was a wall hung pan with a hidden cistern. The basin was surface mounted vanity basin, located on a luxury dark coloured wall hung drawer unit. Above was a gorgeous large two door wall hung mirrored cabinet.

The shower was a luxury overhead shower and a two-way shower valve and hand held shower. A top-end chrome towel rail was chosen that worked well with the room as it had a more modern look. To give the final touch, a large bespoke shower screen was made for the room by Hertford Glass.

Wet room conversion in Hertfordshire

Bathroom to wet room conversion in Standon, Hertfordshire

LH Gas were thrilled to recently carry out a stunning bathroom to wet room conversion in Standon, Hertfordshire.

The property in question was relatively modern. Our client hoped to update their existing bathroom and felt that conversion to a modern wet room would be of the most benefit to them and their family.

Our design team suggested various layouts, so our client could select the one that best suited their demands of the room.


The initial stage of the installation was the removal of the sanitary-ware, flooring and tiles. We strongly believe that to achieve the best foundation and structure for waterproofing a wet room, it is best to remove all the plasterboard and replace it with 18mm waterproof timber plywood.

Once we had completed this, the plumbing and waste pipes were moved into their new positions, including hot and cold feed and soil.

The room was then ‘tanked.’ This is where the whole room is made completely waterproof using a special BAL tanking kit. This kit consists of BAL acrylic primer that is used in preparation of walls and floor background prior to the application of any levelling compounds. Secondly, BAL polyester matting which is used to make any uneven areas level enough to work on when waterproofing. Thirdly, we use BAL tanking coating, an acrylic-based flexible coating that provides total waterproof protection of substrates prior to fixing wall and floor tiles. Finally, a BAL tape is used to bridge gaps and reinforce points of weakness. We build our wet rooms to last!

Once we had fully ‘tanked’ the room, the shower tray was installed, ensuring the correct angle of drainage. After this, the room was fully tiled in smooth, larger sized tiles that complimented the size of the room and sanitary-ware to be installed.

Finally, the sanitary-ware was installed including a wall hung basin drawer unit with luxury mixer tap. We added a wall hung hidden cistern WC, a shower with a two-way thermostatic shower valve along with a large overhead shower and a hand-held shower and hose.

The finishing touches were a towel rail and toilet roll holder from the Pura range and a bespoke glass shower screen built by Hertford Glass.

Shower and towel radiator

Cheshunt Wetroom Installation

Wetroom installation in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

A recent renovation carried out by LH Gas was transforming a bathroom into a luxury, modern wetroom in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

We were approached by our customer as we had carried out work previously at their property and they were always very satisfied with the service provided.

Together with our clients, we agreed on a design for the room that suited with all our their requirements and needs. We gave our customers a great deal of advice on the sanitary ware, with some brochures and directing them to a local showroom to view the products in person. The final choice of sanitary ware was from the Flova range from PURA.


Once the bathroom had been designed and agreed, the installation began.

To transform the bathroom we had to take the room back to basics. This was achieved by removing all the old sanitary ware, tiles and plasterboard, thus leaving us with a blank canvas to work on.

Once completed and the initial stages of the plumbing installed, the bathroom was ready for tiling. After all the floor and walls were tiled the second stage of plumbing began with all the sanitary ware installed. When this had been completed the room really started to come together and look like the luxury wetroom promised to our clients.

The finishing touches of the room were achieved by having a bespoke glass shower screen from Hertford Glass fitted, and all luxury bathroom accessories from the Flova range installed. The room was then sealed using colour matching silicon on all edges and corners, giving one last waterproof seal to the room.

In our client’s words, the wetroom was “Beyond our expectations!” They were so pleased with the finished bathroom that they booked the LH Gas team into refurbishing their en-suite and ground floor cloakroom.