Central heating and boiler repair in Ware, Hertfordshire

The team at LH Gas were contacted by a customer who had no hot water or central heating at their property, in Ware, Hertfordshire and required our services to resolve this situation.

After we obtained a brief description of the fault by telephone, we asked the customer to go through a short checklist. Sometimes a problem can be resolved without us even attending.

In this case, it soon became clear that we would need to visit the property. LH Gas aim to provide a same day service, and on this occasion, we did.

After removing the boiler case, the first checks were carried out on the main functional parts of the system such as the pump, fan and gas valve.

After these checks were completed it was clear to us that the pump has ceased working, and that the pump assembly section needed to be replaced. A further test on the water quality within the system revealed heavy sludge deposits present, so we recommended that a chemical power flush be carried out to remove these deposits.

A new pump was immediately ordered from our local suppliers and the repair was booked in for the very next day.

On our return, the first step was to remove the faulty pump assembly section and replace it with the new part. We then carried out a full inspection on the boiler, to make sure everything was running correctly.

The LH Gas team then carried out the chemical power flush. The system was flushed clean of all the old sludge and debris, and we inserted an inhibitor in the system to help prevent and protect from any future build-up of sludge and debris that can cause faults.

The customer contacted us that evening to thank us for such a quick service, and to let us know that their property was lovely and warm and the hot water working properly.


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