Replacement radiator installation in Hertfordshire

Have you ever looked at the radiators in your house and wished you could change them?

Radiator design has come a long way over the years, from heavy old iron monsters to sleek and slimline modern panel designs you hardly notice.

But what if you want a classic design with a modern touch?

LH Gas has just installed new radiators for a client who wanted exactly that. The customer had previously employed us to install a new heating system and bathroom, so he came back to us for some advice.

A classic look

The house was a beautiful courtyard property in a small Hertfordshire village in classic “cottage” style with a solid wood floor and barn style doors, but with very modern decor. Our client wanted a classic radiator design that would compliment the age and style of the house but also match the décor.

We supplied our customer with The Radiator Company book that offers a wide range of styles, but we recommended “Ancona” as the design most likely to meet his requirements. These are classic steel column radiators in traditional style and also the UK’s highest output multi-column radiators.

They come in various heights, widths, column configurations and colours, either wall-mounted or floor standing, with cast iron or welded feet. Special finishes can also be added to compliment your interiors, including specialist valves and pipe covers.

Special valves added

After discussing all the options with our client, he opted for cream-coloured wall-mounted radiators with colour coded base and top brackets attaching to the wall. Decorative thermostatic radiator valves were also installed, in a style that would fit a more traditional house and give the column radiators a classic feel.

All the radiators and fittings came from our local supplier, WHABS, and once all items were in stock the installation took just two days to complete. The property was left with a great finish that we are proud of.

Feedback from our client was very positive. He was sure that he made the correct choice of radiators and is very pleased he took the advice of the LH Gas team!

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