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LH Gas Ltd in Hertford also offers solar hot water systems. These systems harness heat from sunlight by capturing energy radiated by the sun’s rays within the solar panels. This energy is transferred down to the hot water cylinder, where it heats your water.

Using this system helps lower the cost of your bills as well as significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Your bills are less as your need for gas, oil or electricity to heat your hot water is reduced.

The only slight cost of running the solar hot water system is from the installed pump. That pump transfers the glycol mixture from the panels to your hot water cylinder. However, this only runs when the temperature in the panel is 8c higher than the cylinder.

If your property already has a System or Regular boiler installed, the installation of the solar panels will be significantly cheaper than if your property has a combination boiler.

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How Solar Hot Water systems work

The solar panels are designed to be used with a hot water cylinder so that energy collected from the sun’s rays can be stored and used throughout the day.

In most circumstances, the ideal place for the solar panels is on a south or a south-east facing roof. If that isn’t possible, they can be installed on brackets, that position them at the same angle, for example, on a patio, in a garden or even on a flat roof.

When the sunlight reaches the panels, the heat from the rays is transferred into the water and glycol mixture. This mixture is taken down through a coil into the cylinder to heat the hot water.

Does the UK get enough sunlight to make it worth having?

Worcester Greenskies have been designed to maximise both direct sunlight and diffused sunlight. Also, surveys show that the UK receives 65% solar radiation, the same as Spain do. In the summer you can receive 80-90% of your hot water, and in the winter can still receive between 20-30% of your hot water.

What will the installation look like?

The installation on the roof consists of two panels with a push-fit pipe going in through the roof. Inside you will have a small box installed on a wall that contains the pump. The pump moves the water from the solar panels down to the cylinder and then back from the cylinder to the panels. The clever design of this box contains everything you need including the filling point, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve and expansion vessel. This is all controlled by a control programmer that measures the temperature of the water in the cylinder and also in the solar panels.

Benefits of Solar Hot Water:

  • Ability to provide you with around 60% of your home’s hot water.
  • Capability to heat hot water in both direct and diffused sunlight.
  • Compatibility with either a current gas or oil, Regular or System boiler.
  • Low maintenance.
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Worcester greenskies solar panel

Wave Smart Control

The Wave Smart is an internet-connected programmable control for heating and hot water. This is controlled via a smartphone or tablet.

The Wave is designed so that it can have an intelligent conversation with the boiler, and take advantage of advanced control features such as weather and load compensation.

The Wave is simple to install, requiring just a connection between the control and the boiler. All other connections are via the WI-FI network.

This control does not need an external wired sensor, like others on the market as the Wave itself uses online data. It is compatible with many of the Worcester Bosch Greenstar boilers.

What do you need?

  • Worcester Wave control.
  • Compatible boiler.
  • Wi-fi enabled broadband.
  • The Wave app on your smartphone or tablet.

The clever design ensures it is simple to use and operate using its built-in touch screen or via the App. The App allows you to see when you are saving money as it provides you with a chart of your heating and hot water usage, so you can identify where savings can be made.

Should you temporarily lose your Internet connection, your programmer would continue to operate by using the last saved programme setting.

This is a great efficiency product that anyone with compatible boilers should definitely consider having installed.

Worcester wave smart control

What LH Gas can help you with

  • Solar Hot Water

    Let our engineers help improve your carbon footprint and save money.

  • Wave Smart Control

    Our installers can help you manage your heating on the go.

If you would like to know more about any of our services, please call 01992 308216 or 07854 738986 or contact us here