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Gas Safe

Anything regarding gas should only ever be  carried out by a Gas Safe engineer. Based in Hertford, in leafy Hertfordshire, LH Gas are highly experienced and registered Gas Safe engineers.

Gas Safe was developed so that ordinary people can check that the people they are allowing in their home and paying sums of money to complete these jobs have been tested and passed by the Gas Safe register.

All engineers have a registration number that can be found on the national database. They have to resit exams every five years, to ensure that all knowledge and any new standards are met.

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Gas Safety Inspections

Gas safety inspections are one of the most important requirements. As a landlord, it is a legal requirement that you have a Gas Safe inspection on your rented properties annually. From this inspection, you will receive a certificate if the appliances are passed or a warning notice if any appliances are failed.

 The important of a Gas Safe inspection is to ensure that individual gas appliances within the property are working safety and correctly, therefore ensuring that no harm can come to any occupants as a result of the appliances.

 On the certificate, it will be detailed exactly what checks have been carried out and if the appliances inspected meet the appropriate safety records.

What would you see on the certificate?

  • Description and location of each appliance checked
  • Name, registration number and signature of engineer
  • Date of which the checks were carried out
  • The address of the property the appliances are installed
  • The landlords name and address
  • Any safety defects identified and any action required to rectify
  • Confirmation of the results of the safety checks carried out on the appliances

Gas Safety certificate example

Boiler Servicing

Having an annual boiler service is definitely a must. The three main reasons for this is reliability, efficiency and safety.

Not only is it a safety check, it also inspects the condition and performance of your appliances, to make sure that you are getting the most out of them and that they are working to the highest standard.

It is also in the terms and conditions of boiler guarantees to have a yearly service carried out. So this is a must to keep your guarantee valid.

How it works

An engineer will firstly visually check that the boiler and flue are correctly internally and externally installed, then the general operation of the boiler is observed.

These checks include:

  • Correct gas pressure
  • Flue and combustion
  • Electrical connections
  • Seals are intact
  • Safety devices
  • Condenser traps and pipes

At the conclusion of the service, you will receive a boiler service maintenance checklist that should be filed away with all paper regarding your boiler.

It is also very important that all benchmark paperwork is completed and given to you once a new boiler is installed in your property. This will include make, model and the serial number of your appliances, along with building reference number.

You should also receive a Gas Safe certificate as proof of registration.

Boiler servicing checklist

Boiler Repairs

If your house feels like the Antarctic or there is only cold water pouring from your taps then it’s likely that you have a fault with your boiler.  The problem could be something serious or something very simple. Here are some checks that you can make that can help you save on a call out fee or that could help you give more information to the engineer about the nature of the problem.

What can you check?

  • Is your central heating programmer is set to on?
  • Are the thermostats are turned up to the correct level?
  • Is the electricity supply is switched on and if so, has the fuse blown?
  • Is the pilot light is on and the gas supply turned on at the meter?
  • If you have a combination boiler that will not light, is the water pressure is at least 0.5 bar? If below, top-up the water via the main filling point.

Common Boiler Faults

The most frequent boiler faults are different for each type of boiler and sometimes difficult  to diagnose without being fully checked.

However, the common faults for each boiler are as follows:

  • Heat only boilers – frequently the fan has either seized or burnt out.
  • Combination boilers – often the plate heat exchanger (secondary heat exchanger).
  • System boilers – normally the expansion vessel or the pump.
Boiler service diagram thumbnail

Gas Hob Installation

Installing gas hobs for domestic households and industrial environments is also a service we offer.

Before installation, the appliance will be checked for visible signs of damage. When being connected to the mains electricity supply it is important that the data quoted on the data plate matches that of the mains supply. The connection of the gas supply must be carried out by a suitably qualified and competent person in strict accordance with current local and national safety regulations.

It is important to have all gas appliances checked annually for safety.


Chrome gas hob installation

Gas Safety Advice

If you can smell gas:

  • Turn off the gas emergency control valve (normally located near the gas meter).
  • Eliminate all sources of ignition in a safe manner.
  • Do not smoke, light a cigarette lighter or matches.
  • Do not operate electrical light switches.
  • Open all doors and windows for ventilation.
  • If the smell of gas persists evacuate the building.

Gas safety checklist

What LH Gas can help you with

  • Gas Safety Certification

    Legal requirements for all landlords.

  • Boiler Services

    We can help you keep your boiler in the best condition.

  • Boiler Repairs

    Let our specialists diagnose the issue.

  • Gas hob installations

    Be safe and let one of our fully qualified gas safe engineers carry out installation.


If you would like to know more about any of our services, please call 01992 308216 or 07854 738986 or contact us here