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LH Gas Ltd are based in Hertford and have over twenty years experience in the plumbing industry and can help you with anything, from small repairs to larger issues within your home or property.

The most common reason to call out a plumber is for leaks. Research has shown that the typical home can lose 2000-20,000 gallons of water per year due to leaks.

Tap, valve and outlet leaks are common and usually simply repaired. The repairs to stop leaks depends on the type of outlet or valve this is, the four most common are compression valve, ball types, cartridge types and ceramic disc.

Unfortunately, some leaks are not as obvious and can be hidden. These types or leaks can go undetected for years because the source of the leak is not visible. LH Gas Ltd have many techniques in finding these leaks, solving the issue.

If you would like to know more about any of our services, please call 01992 308216 or 07854 738986 or contact us here

Boiling Taps

The new kitchen must have, a tap on the worktop and tank underneath that immediately dispenses boiling water. With the boiling taps you can choose from either a separate tap with mixer or a single tap for hot, cold and boiling water.

Are they safe?

Did you know that kettles cause hundreds of casualties a year especially in young children? All of the boiling taps com with childproof handles and insulated sides that ensure the tap never feels hot to touch.

Chrome instant boiling tap

Monach Scaleout

Apart from the average tap repair or sudden leaks LH gas find that a high number of customers complaints are that they have built up of limescale within their system. The service that we would offer you in this case would be a Monarch Scale-out.

What is a Monarch Scale-out?

A Monarch Scale-out offers limescale prevention from hard water. Hard water is water that contains calcium and magnesium. When this hard water enters your home and combines with heat, it causes limescale to build up within your pipes and appliances. This build up causes faults that cost money also increasing your energy bills. When hard water is present within your system, the operating life expectancy of boilers and heat exchangers are reduced up to 80%.

How it works

Limescale is caused by calcium ions. When these passes through the resin beads within the Scale-out unit, it is broken down into a non-scale causing calcium crystal. The crystals are broken down to smaller deposits and then released back into the water, where they adhere themselves to the post filter. Due to this process, limescale can no longer form on surfaces within your system including pipes and heating coils. As the water has become non-scaling, along with descaling, homeowners receive numerous benefits.

 The benefits

  • Totally drinkable water
  • Reduces repair costs
  • Targets existing scale
  • Prevents new limescale forming
  • Improves texture of water
  • PH stability
Monarch scaleout limescale remover
Monarch water logo

Water Softeners

Monarch Water softeners are another appliance you can have installed along with the Scale-out as they work well together. The water softener units have a small and compact design so that they are able to be installed in kitchen units or utility rooms.

 Soft water benefits the whole family; from fresher laundry, less cleaning to helping dry skin issues. It also helps your appliances work more efficiently and last for longer.

Benefits of a Water Softener

  • Can save you up to 50% on domestic cleaning products
  • Reduces the cost of water bills
  • Can help dry skin conditions
  • Rinse away without staining
  • Helps with limescale
Water softener by Monarch

Cylinder Installation

Cylinder installation is another service that LH Gas Ltd offer to our customers. There are two types of cylinders that can be installed into our homes, these are vented and unvented cylinders.

 Difference between vented and unvented cylinders

The difference between the two is that an unvented cylinder only has one tank. Instead of having an additional cold water tank, the sealed hot water cylinder is fed directly by the cold water mains. The water is heated by an immersion heater, the pressure and flow of the water on this system can be of higher performance as the water comes from the mains.

 A vented cylinder contains a vent pipe which allows it to be subject to atmospheric pressure. The mains water is fed to and stored in the cold water tank. The appliances within your home that require hot water are fed indirectly via the cold water tank to the water cylinder where it is heated using a heat exchanger. Sometimes vented systems can have low-pressure water and require pumps to be installed, to assure a strong flow of water for both domestic hot water and heating.

Which one to choose?

Vented cylinder:

+ Smaller tank

– Cannot be used with some power showers

Unvented cylinder:

+ Easily installed

– Requires two tanks

Unvented water cylinder
Worcester unvented water cylinder

Water Pumps

If you are experiencing poor water pressure or flow within your home, then having a pump installed may be the solution. There are different types of pumps so what one is correct for you?

Mains Pumps

These are pumps that get installed directly on to the mains water and can pump a maximum of 12 litres per minute. This style of pump is perfect for the average small house that has a Combination Boiler and suffers from bad water flow and pressure.

Grundfos Home Booster 

This is a self- contained cold water booster designed for homes where the existing mains water supply is insufficient to meet the demand of pressurised hot and cold water systems. This pump delivers high efficiency, sustained performance, long working life and quiet operation.

Shower Pumps

Stuart Turner shower-mate range are high-quality plastic pumps that provide a solution to boost the performance of multiple outlets within your bathroom.

Stuart Turner shower pump

What LH Gas can help you with

  • Vented and unvented cylinders

    If you need help and advice with a fault, one of our highly qualified engineers can help.

  • Taps

    Repairs or replacements.

  • Pumps

    Water pressure issues? Let one of our experienced team provide you with advice.

  • Monarch Scale-out and softeners

    If you have a hard water issue, our specialists can help.


If you would like to know more about any of our services, please call 01992 308216 or 07854 738986 or contact us here